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    It is a little ironic that this first information sheet published by the Projected Picture Trust should be on the classic American projector the Simplex. Patriots should be conforted however by the fact that the man most directly responsible for the quality of ingineering in the Simplex was a Scot, Francis B. Cannock, who had emigrated to America to work for the Singer Sewing Machine Company. Cannock’s dictum, on wich the success of the Simplex was based, was that “The requierements of the machine fitting placed the thousandth of an inch as the limit of latitude; and on important parts ten-thousandths is the requierement.”

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    Is so many ways the Simplex is an adroit first choice since one of its creators was responsible for several major developments in motion pictures. This man was Edward Stanton Porter, best known today perhaps as the creator of film editing with ” The Life of an American Fireman” (1902) and for his immensely successful ” the Great Train Robbery” (1903) which gave us the screen’s first cowboy star, G.M “Bronco Billy” Anderson. The simplex can be seen as the most productive branch of the American technology tree. Its own precursor are Cannock’s Cinematograph and Edengraph but the Century (Westar), the Motiograph AA and the Ballantyne can be recognized as remote descendants while the Kaplan and the Wenzel mechanisms were direct copies.

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